Chemo Therapy and Its Side Effects

While I have been sitting here and researching to find the best information that I could on chemotherapy  to present to the readers of this blog, I started thinking about my own chemo.  I say what I am about to say from my experience with watching and observing others that took chemo the same days as I did.  I was lucky in that the drugs that were administered to me by my ontcologist  were just not generic drugs that did not specifically target my tumor.  My doctor took the time to research the best approach to providing me drugs that were designed to specifically attack what I had.  I did it in a four week cycle both before and after my surgery.  We all have to understand that chemotherapy is actually the administration of poison to your body.  You are actually trying to kill the cancer cells by poisoning them.

The point I am trying to make is that since there are many chemo drugs that can administered.  Every drug or combination of drugs has different side effects and in some cases we don’t experience all of those side effects or may go to the other extreme and exhibit every one of them.

While being administered the drugs, I watched and the effects on the people around me varied from the rather mild reactions that I displayed to obviously very acute and emotional effects that others experienced.  When I say mild on my part, I mean mild in comparison to those around me.  Believe me there is nothing mild about chemotherapy.