Simply put, I am a cancer survivor.  I had gastroesophageal cancer, Stage 4, T1.  I was one of the lucky ones, I had a strong body and have been healthy, slim, active all of my life, have never smoked and only drank very infrequently.  Actually, the only things in my medical records beside this incident, were my annual physicals, all great.  Also, it didn’t hurt that I had one of the country’s leading surgeons for this particular operation and a great ontcologist. 

There are many great web sites out there that address cancer, but I have developed this website to provide a central location and sounding board for anyone to communicate their ideas about cancer, living with it, flighting it, winning and possibly losing.  This site has aggregated many RSS feeds and podcasts from those sites.  This allows viewers to my site to see what is available out there and then go on to those sites.  I will include a link to those sites on this site.

I hope that readers will contribute their ideas and feelings, convey what questions they may have and provide articles, links and information that may be usable by others, give hope, comfort and solace.

There will never be commercial ads and we respect privacy.  No personal information provided will be shared with anyone and email addresses will not be provided to any third party.